17 Boho Influencers You Should be Following in 2018

We have gathered a list of 17 must-follow bohemian fashion influencers if you want to be inspired this 2018. And if you love bohemian lifestyle, meditation, yoga, travelling and veganism you will be amazed at these girls Instagrams and blogs.

Tara Michelle Brose

Tara is not only a young and beautiful model that always looks amazing but also the founder of an impressive blog about her travels all over the world. Her instagram is wonderful, she always wears beautiful boho jewelry.

Lisa Homsy

This Canadian and photography lover has one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts. She wears all kind of bohemian outfits, boho maxi dresses, bohemian bracelets and rings and all kind of vintage accessories.

She shares really impressive photos in her blog.

Alexandra & Michelle

If you love water and meditation, Alexandra & Michelle's account is a must-follow. Their Instagram profile is a wonderful conjunction between the most beautiful water places and her astonishing yoga poses. They also wears all kind of beautiful boho necklaces and rings.

Do you love meditation, mystic gems and to be in sync with nature? You must follow Alexandra and Michelle's blog.

Hellen Janneson

Hellen is one of the top bohemian chicks in Instagram. If you like gypsy or boho fashion, you should start following her ASAP. Her Instagram is like a paradise on earth, it's the perfect place to find inspiration for bohemian fashion. Her looks are remarkable and her bohemian jewellery is fantastic.

If you want to get inspired, Hellen's blog is the best. Great outfits and links to where you can buy them.


Her tattooed body is lovely and her looks are just amazing. Luna's account is a must-follow for every girl that loves boho fashion. If you like natural stones like turquoise, you should check her account right now.

You can also find interesting stories and fantastic boho looks in her blog.

Wild Ones

This is a two-for-one account. Lucy and Nikki are two goddess and her gypsy and boho-chic looks are amazing. The wear all kind of boho jewelry and bohemian clothing like rompers, maxi dresses, headbands...


She LOVES boho accessories and jewellery and her account is one of the most beautiful accounts of Instagram. A must-follow for sure.

If you speak french this is your boho blog, if not her images are wonderful and inspiring.


If you are a free spirit and loves veganism, Kris account is the one you should follow. You'll find yummy vegan recipes as well as her wonderful photos that will make you feel calm and happiness. We must be graceful for this lovely account.

We love her Youtube channel and if you are vegan (or you are trying to be) you'll love it too. A lot of tips on vegan eating and travelling.

Elise Cook

When you find this Instagram account, the only word you can say is "WOW!". This beautiful blondie willl delight you with her amazing hippie lifestyle and her incredible boho looks.

Lisa Smith

Lisa's warm Instagram feed and her wonderful looks will enchant you. Lots of dresses and boho necklaces that you'll love to buy.


If you like boho hats you must follow this account, her outfits are amazing and her hats are super chic.


Between minimalism and boho-chic, Saasha's outfits are simply astonishing. It doesn't mind what kind of inspiration you are looking for, you'll find it in Saasha's account.

Really impressive blog about Saasha's travels.

Mira & Thilda

These sisters will take you to another time. Her vintage looks are beautiful and carefully selected.

Anna Skoog

Do you love Greece? Anna will discover you some of the most beautiful places that exist in Greece and her boho jewelry is amazing.

Follow her blog to be inspired with her looks.

Molly Hogan

A wonderful account that you can't miss. Molly's unique style is fantastic and her Instagram is like a breath of air.

Sara Louise

There is nothing more vintage than Sara's profile. Incredible maxi dresses and turquoise jewellery that will inspire you even if don't know anything about fashion.

The best blog if you want to see the amazing vintage looks.


Not suitable account for minimal style lovers. Yvon's Instagram account is the most colorful bohemian accounts on the Internet. She knows how to perfectly combine colors and prints. And she always wears turquoises and sterling silver jewelry.

The most colorful bohemian blog on the Internet.